My name is Alaina~!

I am 21 years old and I live in Washington.

I study biology and I hope to change the world for the better through science!

I post whatever suits my fancy here~

You can expect stuff like anime, videogames, japanese fashion, art, yummy food, science, and personal photos/text posts.

I have a super cool partner in crime, and he is the best boyfriend in the universe!

If you have any questions or want to be friends, send me an ask~!!


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Currently resisting the urge to spend all of my money because I really know how to adult. I know I won’t be broke on Friday, but that doesn’t mean I should give in to all the things I want on the internet. TT___TT

I just want cute shit and clothes and books and art supplies~!~!

At least I can make money on Animal Crossing instead. Aww yeee~

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I wish I could lay in bed all day long and watch anime. But, I guess I have to go to work and me a responsible adult or something.

After work, I get to go meet two little kittens at a friend’s house!! I am slowly trying to make friends in Bellingham, since I only really know my room mates and maybe 2 or 3 other people even though I’ve lived here almost a year. =___=;

But yeah so I am really excited to hang out with someone new today~! She is a big fat nerd just like me haha.

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I just ordered a new French press on the internet, since my other one broke a week or so ago.

I will be patiently awaiting the day I can once again make 8 cups of tea at a time. More than one cup of tea in the morning is necessary if I’m going to leave the house.

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I sure do miss this lil’ cutie~~

I printed my boarding pass back home this morning though! I am not looking forward to dealing with LAX, but at least I will be home in Seattle in ~24 hours. <3

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Oh god this was so orgasmically good when I made it. I need to make more frittatas.

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I also made yummy zucchini bread about 2 or 3 days ago using zucchini straight from our garden! And… with the leftover shredded zucchini I made a cheesy frittata. Mmmmm.

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I didn’t upload them until now, but before I set out on a camping trip a few weeks ago I made some onigiri to bring on the ride! I got this nifty panda face mold and a nori punch off of Amazon and this is me using it for the first time!


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Check out Oreo! She is cute and she lives on my back porch. &lt;3

Check out Oreo! She is cute and she lives on my back porch. <3

i got mail from my best friend elize! she sent me some bitchin’ stickers.

i took a picture of where i put one of them, and had shaymin chill with some other grass pokemon because i am a nerd.

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